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Those of you familiar with El Gaucho may know that in recent years, they have opened up a Cigar & Cocktail Lounge across the street: Garufa. If you show up a little early for your reservation, they will direct you across the street. At first we were a little put-off by this, but after we realized how much fun Garufa is... well, let's just say that we purposely show up early to El Gaucho now. And as soon as we are done with our meal, it is back to Garufa for more.

I'm not sure what makes Garufa so much fun. I would say it is a combination of drinks, karaoke, and the frequent stops from those on the Kukoo Kunuku bar-crawl tours that come in every few hours. I think the later is the biggest reason why it is fun. It's almost like speed dating because you get to people watch a new set of people every half hour or so. I don't want to gloss over the karaoke. A lot of places have karaoke, but the one at Garufa is the best. Perhaps it is the host. However, my wife says the equipment just makes your voice sound good.

Since any visit to Aruba is not complete without a stop at El Gaucho, you might as well walk across the street and experience Garufa.

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Posted by Vacation Aruba on September 23, 2010 in Bar Review.

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  1. El Gaucho Reviewed | Vacation Aruba Says:

    […] like a king. I recommend showing up obnoxiously early. Why? The host will recommend that you go to Garufa… a fantastic cigar bar across the street run by the same […]

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